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Reasons Why It’s Healthy to Give Extended Breastfeeding Your Toddler

Breastfeeding is essential to the growth of our babies. It promotes many health benefits both to the child and to the mother. Therefore, recent studies showed that extended or long-term breastfeeding offers further and more advanced benefits to toddlers. That said, if we are talking about breastfeeding advice, I would say, you should extend your breastfeeding period for your toddler to make him or her grow with an excellent immunity system and brain development. In this article, we will examine why you should extend your breastfeeding periods to your toddler.

Reasons Why It’s Healthy to Give Extended Breastfeeding Your Toddler

Human Breastmilk Has More Benefits

Our society has concluded that cow’s milk is perfect instead of milk made specifically for our species by our species. Sure, we’re a long way from putting breast milk on the shelves of regional supermarkets. But, if there is a baby who needs a comfortable breastfeeding mother, doesn’t it seem a little absurd to offer cow’s milk instead? Breast milk has been shown to develop and change based on your baby’s needs. And perhaps most importantly, radicals are passed on through breast milk during breastfeeding. It often means a greater chance that your baby will have resistance to various diseases and be able to fight them off more quickly.

The WHO Recommends Breastfeeding Up Until Two Years

How long after two remains suitable for the home. Yet somehow, it’s a recommendation; people seem wary of taking it seriously. I’ve seen people dismiss it as being more relevant to people in areas where supplements are less accessible or where drinking water is dangerous. But as I’ve already summarized, breastmilk is useful for all children (aside from an allergy or intolerance, of course) from all walks of life. It doesn’t magically disappear once they start eating solid foods or have their birthday.

Mothers Know What’s the Best for Their Children

It is by far the most important thing. Only the mothers know what is ideal for them, what is right for them, and ready for weaning. My daughter always relied on heavy nursing to relax. She didn’t eat many solid foods before she was primarily breastfed, so her doctor said it was okay not to push the issue. It was a year and a half before she was eating a “normal” food, which I understood because she is my daughter and the bonding was just, and that I felt comfortable deciding to allow her to wean. The breastfeeding bond was so meaningful to her that I wanted her to show signs of readiness before I invited her to finish.