Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Monsanto Exec Given World Food Prize? Just say NO!

Can you believe this outrage? Help me to spread the word so this doesn't happen....

Friday, August 30, 2013

Where do you get your nutrients and enzymes?

I'm writing this post to see if there is a market for corn-free dehydrated sprouts. I am growing sprouts for our personal use and wondered if anyone would be interested in buying dehydrated sprouts from a corn- and chemical-free producer.

One of the main obstacles in our efforts to recover our health is the lack of chemical-free and corn-free produce. I fear the produce we can tolerate tends to be lacking in essential vitamins and minerals which have been depleted from the soil. In our quest to add more raw veggies to our diet (to combat acidity), I found sprouts. I believe that sprouts are the answer for the chemically sensitive and corn allergic community, but there is no source (that I have found) for sprouts that have been grown using only Berkey water and packaged to be corn-free. I'm designing a process right now that would allow me to grow and dehydrate sprouts (at a low enough temperature to preserve enzymes and nutrients) on a fairly large scale.

My question: Is there any market for the product I want to sell? Please take a minute to complete the poll in the sidebar.