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Common Issues to Expect When Having a Colostomy

When you have a colostomy, then there are a few challenging situations you need to count on. For starters, having an ostomy support belt can come in handy. A number of them are quite amusing, some awkward, and also a couple of catastrophic. Though this may seem problematic, they aren’t severe problems. With this guide, you will learn the significant issues to expect, how to handle them, and how to conquer them.water

Loose Stool

woman laptopIn case you need to go outside, these are excellent foods to eat before going anywhere. With these kinds of foods, your bag will not fill up suddenly, and you won’t have to get a change. So, watch what you eat before going on an excursion. Attempt to research your system to understand more about foods.

At the moment, a fellow ostomy patient explained this, “you do not wish to consume beans and pork five hours before going into a quiet church ceremony, neither do you need to eat a fast-food lunch if you intend to travel a very long road trip.” The loose stool will fill your colostomy bag very quickly. Therefore, plan your meals.

Bag Leaks

This one is horrible and can be one mishap you do not need to experience, particularly when you’re outdoors. When the colostomy bag leaks, feces float through an open bubble at the colostomy bag’s faceplate. You won’t overlook that tell-tale odor. Never dismiss this because it’s going to slow. To prevent embarrassment, make use of a seal ring. Having a seal ring, you can be sure there’ will undoubtedly be no leakages without a seeping odor. When a leak or blowout happens, having sufficient spares is a real lifesaver.


Many ostomates do not see an occurrence as an issue. However, it is an annoying one. It happens when feces accumulate around the stoma rather than going into the colostomy bag. This may result in irritation problems if you’re sore around the stoma and might result in an infection. Pancaking additionally causes disagreeable odor or flows as it lifts and pushes a portion of the flange away from the stomach.