Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Monsanto Exec Given World Food Prize? Just say NO!

Can you believe this outrage? Help me to spread the word so this doesn't happen....


  1. I found your blog today and realized you are in MS, my daughter was diagnosed with a severe allergy to wheat and corn shortly before Christmas and I am finding it hard to find food here on the coast she can eat, any suggestions? My parents live in D.C. and have access to more resources but shipping food is getting expensive.

  2. Hi Jessica, I'm sorry to hear about your daughter's allergies. Those are life-changing allergies that no one understands the scope of until they experience them. I went to the farmers market and shopped local farms as much as possible. I found a local grass fed beef farmer and got half a cow custom butchered by a mom-and-pop meat processor (who used only water and no chemicals). I bought pastured chickens and eggs from a local farmer at the farmers market (processed with only water) and cooked everything from scratch. My local Kroger also has a line of store brand organics (Simple Truth) which has quite a few things that worked for us and they tend to carry lots of things in the "natural food" section that worked. A lot of our friends ordered from iherb, amazon and other online retailers using free shipping deals and other discount programs.

    I know you've probably noticed my use of the past tense and are wondering about that. We have overcome our food allergies using Dynamic Neural Retraining System. It turns out that our allergies and chemical sensitivities were caused by a limbic system injury (possibly related to mold or chemical exposure). You should explore this as a possibility in your daughter's case, just in case limbic system retraining will work for her. It has changed our lives! We still avoid food additives (on principal) and abstain from dousing ourselves in chemicals, but it is by choice and that choice no longer defines our lives. I no longer have to worry about chemical or corn derivative contamination during packaging or processing (which opens up a world of possibilities for those avoiding food additives). We can go to stores and other's houses without worrying about perfumes or cleaning supplies used.

    I've been meaning to write a post about this, but we have been so busy living our lives that time has slipped away from me. I promise I will take some time to write a proper post soon. Good luck.

  3. Mrs Kristy I was wondering if you could send me recipes or what farm u go to to get ur veggies n fruits I have a severe corn allergy that causes anaphylaxis n Im preg n I just need to eat n find a little foods for now that I can eat .

  4. Thank u so much ur forum is very healthy. O and one more question the albuterol should be OK right its an inhaler n I have to take it for my asthma